The Tabernacle reveals Christ and Christ reveals the Tabernacle

THE TABERNACLE   was a portable temple – a “tent of meeting” – within a movable courtyard. It was constructed after the pattern that Yahweh revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai, and was assembled in the desert as Moses led the Israelites through the wilderness from Egypt to the Promised Land. Today we are that portable temple in whom the Spirit of GOD dwells and manifests HIMSELF. Tabernacle is a blueprint given by GOD to Moses on how to enter into HIS Presence. The Brazen Altar reveals YESHUA as the Substitute, the ultimate Sacrifice of GOD who lay down HIS Life for us, in the Brazen Laver, HE is our Cleanser and Regenerator, in the Table of Shewbread, HE is The Bread of Life, The Word of Truth, in the Menorah, HE is the Light of the world, in the Altar of Incense, YESHUA is our Intercessor, and in the Mercy Seat, YESHUA our Propitiation.

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