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This is the only item that gives light in the Holy Place. The Purpose was to illuminate all that was in the sanctuary.and to give light on the Table of Shewbread and Altar of Incense.(Exodus 40:24-25 and Psalms 27:1).  The Candlestick was Divinely lit but was kept alive by the daily supply of olive oil.  It speaks of the Person and ministry of the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 11:2, John 14, 15, 16). It relates to the 7 spirits before The Throne of GOD in Revelation 1:4 and the “seven lamps of fire” which are the “seven spirits of GOD” (Revelation 4:5) referring to the Holy Spirit in the fullness and perfection of HIS Operation. It represents  our LORD JESUS CHRIST as the Light of the world (John 8:12), the seven churches (Rev 1:12,20), the believer (Matthew 5:14,16, 2 Cor 4:6, Phil 2:14,15).

The menorah  represents the Holy Spirit illuminating the shewbread, opening up the Word of GOD to us. It is an ancient Hebrew symbol of God’s eternal radiance.

JERUSALEM TEMPLE Menorah with oil cups


Price : USD 250

Stunning brass menorah comes with oil cups, wicks, and olive oil The menorah is 10″ high without the cups. The cups are 1″ high when inserted. Oil Cups, Wicks and Olive Oil are included.

Made in Israel.

Item #: MHL 41150




Menorah Brass with oil cups



Price :  USD 160

This new 7-branch menorah features a Star of David just under the branches. 6.4 ” high.

Item #: MHL 41114

(use candles # CHL 9159)





Menorah  Brass Roots


Price :  USD 105

Adorned with emblems of Israel’s 12 tribes, Star of David, and grafted in symbol, this distinctive brass menorah uses traditional Shabbat candles. Measures 6.5″ high.and 4.25”wide

Item #:   MHL 41112




Menorah Brass 12 Tribes 6.5″

Price : USD 105

This 61/2 inch ht menorah (traditional Jewish menorah) is cast in bronze and features the standard 7 branches width: 41/4.inch.

This item is made in Israel.

Item #:  MHL 41111 (A 6.5”)




Menorah Silver Plated 12 tribes


Price  USD 95

Classic silver-plated menorah with detailed base design, featuring symbols for each of the twelve tribes, Holy Land inscription and Jerusalem in Hebrew. Stands 5″ tall and 4″ wide. For decoration or ceremonial use.  (Uses candles#CHL9159)

Item #: MHL 41122





9 Branch Hanukkah Brass  Lacquer  Dedication



Price :  USD 128

Beautiful polished Hanukkah menorah with 9 branches featuring the Star of David. Brass laquered finish; stands 9.5″ tall, kosher from the Holy Land.

Item #:  MHHL42111

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