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In Exodus 27:20,21, Aaron and his sons were commanded as a lasting ordinance to keep the lamps burning before the LORD from evening to morning with clear oil of pressed olives. Today we are the lampstands, HIS Church which must be continually filled  with the anointing of the Holy Spirit  and the Fullness of the Presence of YESHUA, The Light of the World.

In ancient times, the practice of anointing with essential oil was reserved for kings and priests. Today, ADONAI YESHUA  “has made us to be a Kingdom and priests to serve HIS GOD and Father – to HIM be Glory and power for ever and ever” (Revelation 1:6)  and we “also like living stones, are being built into a spiritual house to be a holy priesthood, offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to GOD through JESUS CHRIST “(1 Peter 2:5)

Anointing with beautifully fragrant essential oils can be spiritually enhancing; as an act of consecration and dedication, setting apart for a special purpose in GOD’S Kingdom (Psalm 89:20-21), for Prayer, healing (James 5:14-16) and worship.

Queen Esther – Anointing Oil

In the time of Queen Esther, a girl had to complete twelve months of  prescribed beauty treatment  before she was brought to the king,. Esther  underwent a six months treatment with oil of  myrrh and six months with perfumes and aloes (Esther2:12). An average woman’s perfume then was her anointing oil.


RM 85 / USD 28

Jasmine, Sandalwood, Myrrh,  1/4 oz.

Many women use as a perfume. Olive oil based.

Item # : AHL 61211


Anointing Oil Boaz


RM 85 / USD28

Jerusalem Forest Bible scents with olive oil.

1/4 oz.

Item #  AHL 61214



Anointing Oil -5 types

Size : 0.5 oz each

Price  RM 75 each /USD 24

Lily of the Valley –Item #: AHL 61202 (LV)
Myrrh – Item # AHL 61202 (M)
Spikenard – Item #: AHL 61202 (S)
Frankincense – Item #: AHL 61202 (F)
Rose of Sharon – Item #: AHL 61202 (RS)

Lily of the Valley : white delicate flower (honor & purity of heart)

Myrrh : Purification, dying to self, and preparation for the King

Spikenard : Fragrant oil used by Mary to anoint Head & Feet of YESHUA (intimacy, extravagant worship)

Frankincense :Used on the Altar of Incense in temple, one of the 3 gifts brought to Messiah (Intercession)

Rose of Sharon :  flower depicting The Beloved (beauty)

MY BELOVED , The fragrance of worship before the throne.

Price :  RM 155 / USD 50 Size : 1/3 oz (9.45 ml)

Pomegranate representing love, Almond for Spirit filled life, Sandalwood being an instrument of worship and Spikenard for extravagant worship before our Lord & Messiah YESHUA are blended together to represent a heart of worship towards God. Only pure essential oils used.  The fragrance of this oil is beautiful.

Item # :   OSA OH 777


The oil comes in an amber colored bottle with the Temple Menorah / Lampstand on the front representing ADONAI YESHUA (LORD JESUS) as the Light of the Temple and the World and Head of The Church, the Body of Christ.. Comes with an applicator of royal crown on top with a faux  gem in the center.

Price : RM 155 / USD 50

This aromatic oil includes The Oil of Joy which represents the fragrance of Yeshua’s garments and is found in Psalm 45:7-8. It consists of three biblical botanicals; myrrh, and aloes, and cassia. Size : ½ oz (~14 ml)

Item # : OSA OH 007

KINGLY  Anointing Oil

This Oil comes in a Purple Bottle with a Star of David on the front  and a purple organza draw string pouch. The applicator top is a Royal Crown with a purple faux gem in the center. The  Anointing Oil contains five prophetic oils which include:  Henna )  represent the Blood of The Lamb, to cover, make atonement, cleanse,
Hyssop )  pardon, purge away, make reconciliation

Cinnamon In Hebrew, gunnamown, which means to be upright, represents  YESHUA’S Holiness

Frankincense represents absolute purity

Almond. prophetic significance as Spirit filled life and power
Thus as you pray for and anoint an individual with this oil, you are prophetically covering them in the Blood of the Lamb and imparting holiness, purity and Spirit
filled life and power.

Price :    RM 135 / USD 43.50

1/2 oz (14 ml. approx) of oil

Item # : OSA OH 008

TREASURE Chest with Anointing Oils

Price :  RM 165 / USD 55

When the Magi visited Adonai YESHUA as a baby, they presented HIM with gifts of gold and incense and of myrrh (Matthew 2:11)

This lovely gift is a reminder to us of the three roles of  ADONAI YESHUA  as King, Priest and Prophet.

“The Gifts of the Wise Men”  comes in a  Rich dark wood box is 3.75″ wide x 4″ high. Includes bottles of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold (not real) scented olive oils, 0.5 oz  Item #: OHL 8232

Alternative Choice  of  Frankincense, Myrrh, and Rose of Sharon, 0.5 oz each, in treasure Chest. “Precious Treasure and Oil are in a Wise Man’s House” Item # : OSA 8233

TRIPLE DIVINE  ANOINTING OIL :  (Frankincense, Myrrh, Gold )

Frankincense, Myrrh, Gold Biblical oils in glass bottles with glass aplicators attached to ornate top. These 3 Biblical oils come together in a set encased in an intricate ornate Silver treasure box. The essential oils used are not synthetic but pure. and  kept in their original state to give the actual fragrance of these 3 Biblical oils. The Gold is Mixed with Pomegranate Oil, They are mixed with pure 100% extra virgin oil.

Price : RM 140 / USD 45

Each Bottle :1 Dram (~3.69 ml) of Pure Essential Oil

Item #  :  OSA OH 0010

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