PRAISE – Send Your Testimony

My heart and prayer is that every life connected with OPEN HEAVENS SEVEN – the worshippers, the intercessors, suppliers, contractors, outlets and promotion centres, customers and users, etc. will experience Open Heavens in every area of our lives, especially our walk with HIM and our destinies, our purpose, our callings, our salvations, family wellbeing,relationships, health, finances, ministries, etc, may HIS Name be magnified and glorified.

May GOD anoint all the products that it will bless all who promote, purchase, and/or use the products, to understand its significance and experience HIM inĀ  a real way. Let healings, deliverances, salvations, the supernatural take place and people receive their miracles.

If you have been the recipient of HIS Grace, FavourĀ  and /or Miracles through marketing, purchase or use of any of the items or through accessing this site, please share with us ?

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