Posted by on April 25, 2011

Yemenite Shofar Bag – velvet






Price :  USD 50


Beautifully adorned with lace and with embroidered words : God Israel

Comes in attractive colours of  blue, green, pink, purple, velvet, orange, white

Item # : SLY 1277














Shofar Red Velvet Bag featuring city of Jerusalem



Price :   USD 34
The embroidered bag holds one Ram’s Horn shofar. Comes with cord and is ideal for protecting and transporting your Ram Shofars.
Item #: SHL 1280





Shofar Bag for Ram’s Horn

Price :   USD29

Shofar Bag, Green Velvet, Embroidered

The bag holds 1 Ram’s Horn. A small shofar is embroidered on front along with the Hebrew block letters which state “He will blow the great shofar.”

Item #: SHL1279




Price :   USD 29

Shofar Bag, Brown Velvet, Embroidered

Item #: SHL1278

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