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A Guide to the Real Jesus and the Original Church, Dr. Ron Moseley.

The early leaders of the Church were all Jewish. The original Church was organized around the pattern of the Jewish synagogue. Yeshua (Jesus) used numerous Jewish idioms in his teachings. This refreshing book by Dr. Ron Moseley Dr. Moseley illuminates the Jewish background of Yeshua and the Church and opens up the history of the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.

Foreword by Dr. Marvin Wilson. Includes study questions and an extensive glossary. A must read for individuals and Bible study groups who want to learn more about the Jewish roots of their faith. 222 pages.

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In his new book, THE NEXT GREAT MOVE OF GOD: Christians Returning to their Hebraic Roots (VMI Publishers, August 1, 2009, paperback), Vaughn provides the keys to unlock the dimensions of the Bible that have remained a mystery to many Christians. He talks of :-

  • The original Hebraic roots of the Christian faith, and how we got off course,
  • The historical importance of the Word of God, ancient symbols, and the feast days of God (moadim),
  • The blessings of honoring God’s moadim,
  • That our correct perception of Jesus and our ultimate prosperity are tied to Israel,
  • Practical and effective ways to support the apple of God’s eye, Israel, and much more!


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