About Us

OPEN HEAVENS SEVEN is an  enterprise established with the vision of  augmenting the Restoration of worship upon the face of the earth through the sales and promotion of  worship and Biblical items  as a primary source, which goods, carry prophetic significance in the revelation of Truth and inspiring the Heart of Worship in connecting  us back to our CREATOR, the Source and Reason for our being

The business is ministry-related and seeks to bless the KINGDOM through both the Site and the products
which are Heavenly Treasures

The Vision

OPEN HEAVENS SEVENwas conceived on 15 October 2010 with the vision of supporting and promoting Worship through the Site as a vehicle and platform for Truth and Learning and Sales and Promotion of Worship and Biblical Products.

My first Treasure  was the shofar bag and I later felt drawn to bring into HIS Heavenly Storehouse, Gems in the likes of shofars, tambourines, menorahs, The Ark of The Covenant, also anointing oils, all of which relate to worship and carry a significant end time message.

OPEN HEAVENS SEVEN aspires to become  a household name synonymous with the Promotion of  Worship, Praise and Intercession

The objective is to support  Worship and draw people (back) to GOD.

Mission & Strategy

  • Bring in Heavenly Treasures within reach of  the People of GOD and the marketplace through quality products that are affordable, and carry prophetic and worship significance
  • Through Prophetic Revelation of  These Heavenly  Treasures that GOD has placed in people, inspire believers to live out the full manifestation of  who we are in GOD and the full expression of who HE is in us, for we possess “this precious treasure in earthen vessels to show that this all-surpassing power is from GOD and not from us ” 2 Corinthians 4:7 and “as HE is, so are we in this world. ”  1 John 4:17
  • Connect with and support churches and ministries in the promotion of  praise and worship upon the face of the earth.
  • Through the gift items and site, provide a means to reach out and a tool for marketplace evangelism
  • Link to other Worship and Intercessory Sites so that OpenHeavens7.com may collaborate  with and become a place of interface for Praise, Worship and Prayer events, news or initiatives for churches and ministries, a Place for Kingdom Establishment

Core Values

We seek to conduct the business with Integrity and relate with all on the basis of love and mutual respect.

We believe in and want to be  involved in :-                                                          

  • The principle of Sowing and Reaping
  • Laying our Treasures in Heaven
  • Investment in Kingdom Glory
  • Being Blessed and Being a Source and a Channel of  Blessing
  • Partnering and Growing together for Kingdom Advancement
  • The Power of Miracles and Divine  Intervention
  • Commitment to Service, Excellence and Creativity, that in whatever we do, may we work at it with all our heart as working for The LORD YESHUA.   Colossians 3 :23

Shared Vision, Shared Blessings

We believe in The Power of  Prayers and have been  praying for worshippers and Intercessors to pray along with us, wherever they are, for HIS SITE and The Heavenly Treasuresto bless the community and gather  them to HIM.

These are some of  The Prayer Request Points :-

  • GOD’s Favor, Blessing and Anointing to continuously build and perfect HIS SITE,zzz.OpenHeavens7.com and  OpenHeavens7.com,
  • that it will carry HIS TRUTH and GRACE and always stay relevant with Revelation Power and  Anointing, to HIS Honor and for HIS Glory
  • GOD to grow in us a genuine Heart of  Worship and reveal HIS blueprint and plan in greater  clarity and detail
  • Consecrate and purify us with skill, ability, creativity,  sensitivity to HIS Leading and work in unity under the Leading and guidance of The Holy Spirit.
  • For us to be totally committed, focused and experience joy, miracles, victory , fulfilment and total Restoration as we work on the site.
  • For the Site to be Glorious and Heavenly and that people be drawn to the Site and encounter HIM and worship HIM in Spirit and in Truth. Let healings, deliverances, salvations, and the supernatural take place, let provisions be received and let the people receive their miracles.
  • Let GOD draw connections for HIS Kingdom Purpose
  • Protection for  HIS SITE against abominations, defilements, mistruths, errors, untruths, and that HE continue to bring forth Divine connections and collaborations, volunteers and Revelations that will fill HIS SITE with fresh manna, Truth and Learning.
  • Let a KINGDOM Altar be established  through This SITE.
  • Let HIS SITE and The Heavenly Treasures carry KINGDOM EXPRESSION and manifest KINGDOM GLORY.
  • For ALL connected with this Ministry related business – The ARK (SITE) Builders,Worshipers, Intercessors, Suppliers, Contacts, Contractors, Networkers, outlets, Intermediaries and promotion Centres, Churches and ministries, Customers and Users, etc, experience Open Heavens in every area of our lives and especially in our relationship with GOD and in the Fulfilment of our destinies, our Purpose and our callings.
  • that GOD anoint all the products and continue to enlarge the product range and product line creatively and uniquely as HE sees fit and bless that both the people of GOD and The Marketplace will buy the products, understand its significance, live in it and connect with GOD in True Worship, let the prodigals return, the lost be found and those in Christ drawn deeper.
  • For HIS Kingdom Community to be established and HIS Name to be magnified and glorified through the business and through HIS SITE, zzz.OpenHeavens7.com and OpenHeavens7.com,
  • that GOD fill HIS SITE with HIS Glory, draw and connect HIS People, let a KINGDOM COMMUNITY OF WORSHIPERS arise and be manifest over all the earth to be found in HIM, to worship HIM in Spirit  and in Truth and to harvest the nations for Christ.

The Heavenly Treasures

We hope to provide  quality products at reasonable prices

The items sold are not only  creative and  beautiful art pieces, fashionable with practical use and function, but also serve as Evangelistic tool  for  they speak a message of creation, a reminder of  our purpose  and of who we are and how we need to live our lives.

Pick them up as a gift, for festive seasons, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, celebrations, prizes, rewards, or simply to bless a friend, boss, customer or contact into the Kingdom of GOD.

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